What is Media Monitoring Report?


Media monitoring report is a calculation of analysis on various media. The analysis is obtained based on topics, accounts, and objects that have previously been embedded in the tools. Media monitoring reports cover various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and online media.

Media monitoring reports can find out audience, sentiment, and conversations on social media and online media.

Before making a report, it is necessary to explain the desired results from activities on social media. The purpose of media monitoring reports can be adjusted based on the need to provide relevant and timely information so that it can be used as a communication strategy.

There is some information in the media monitoring report, including:

Mentions: Reports can clearly display the audience a communications campaign amassed, the resulting sentiment, and interests. A report can be customized depending on the purpose for which the report is presented

Share of voice: Representation of how many mentions a brand, your company or organization has, both on social media and online media. It includes shares, likes, comments, and positive or negative sentiments. Everything can be compared based on monitoring results collected from other topics or competitors.

Demographics: The media monitoring report includes gender, and the location of the conversation is based on the planted object.

Top Issue: This is the highest discussed topic about your brand that is most discussed on social media and online media.

By getting the media monitoring report results, you can develop a strategy on social media to strengthen the strategy for your business. NoLimit Dashboard is a media monitoring tool that provides comprehensive digital analytics data.

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