Pay attention to this before choosing a media monitoring agency


Using a media monitoring agency will benefit your business. However, you can’t be careless. Do the following before using a media monitoring agency.

Determine the needs and goals

Before you start you have to make sure what goals do you want to achive? Then, is those goals can be achieved with media monitoring?

For example, there are several objectives that can be achieved by using media monitoring.

  • Conduct research market
  • Monitoring ad campaign
  • Monitoring brand position
  • Help in choosing the right influencer
  • Evaluate online marketing

If your goal can be achieved with media monitoring, then you can continue by choosing an existing service. However, if media monitoring cannot meet the objectives, there is no need to force it.

Media monitoring is indeed very useful for business. However, insisting on using it without ascertaining the purpose will only increase expenses.

Ensure the allocation of funds

In Indonesia, there are many media monitoring services. Of course, the costs involved will vary. The details of the data provided by each service are different. Calculate and make sure in advance, how much it might cost you to use media monitoring. This is to prevent business expenses from being excessive. 

In order to match the allocation of funds that you have, there is no harm in taking advantage of the free trial. When faced with various options, dig for information about the source of the data to its reporting. 

Make sure your choice matches the allocated funds. In addition, the achievement of the initial objectives also needs to be considered.

Check additional needs

Recalculate the additional work you need if you use media monitoring. Because, the products provided by media monitoring services are generally software.

If you can manage the software yourself, no problem. But if it turns out you can’t do it, then someone has to. As a solution, you can hire a data analysis team. However, make sure you have enough funds to recruit them.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about this. There are many media monitoring services which provide reporting services. Data analysis is also included in the service.

By choosing one like this, you can more easily get data to monitor.

Consider the duration of media monitoring required

Different needs, different time needed. time will affect the selection of services. This is because each media monitoring service has a different contract. Time will also affect the costs incurred. The more time it takes, generally the more costs are incurred.

Vice versa. Therefore, you need to adjust your choice according to the allocation of funds. Don’t forget to adjust it to the goals that have been set at the beginning.

Compare the existing media monitoring agency

Taking advantage of free trials is a great idea to compare one service to another. Choose a media monitoring service with a good reputation. Get as much information as possible about the service. You can also find information about clients who have worked with these services.

This is all done so that you can choose a really competent media monitoring service so that your business goals can be achieved.

Closing Statement

Using media monitoring can provide benefits for businesses. You can monitor brand position, brand sentiment in society. In addition, advertising campaigns can also be monitored. Although there are many benefits, you can’t rush to use media monitoring. Know the purpose first and dig up as much information as possible about the service. Everything is done so that you don’t spend business funds in vain. The choice of media monitoring agency is right, the business goal is achieved.

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