Build a Strong and Customized Data Dashboard, Precisely

Limitless data, customized dashboard, and out-of-the-box data analysis. All these things and more are inside your hand.

No More Limits on What You Can Do with Your Data from Custom-Built Dashboard

While there is a data dashboard that can give you a big picture, not everything can meet your needs. Your business is unique, make the data should be compiled & reported in your own way – that’s where NoLimit can give you a personalized data dashboard.

Fully custom and dedicated intelligence dashboard for your own needs.

Real-time analytics result in your more accurate decision and comprehensive strategy.

Processing data from multiple sources such as social media, internal, or even external data.

How it Works

Backed with advanced

Your dashboard is designed for success. Our production dashboard is powered by cutting-edge big data technologies, retrieving a million data every day in real-time. You’ll know exactly where you stand at any given moment. You can track your goals and monitor team performance.

Predictive analysis for a more significant strategy

When it comes to business decisions, the data should speak for itself. We provide valuable information for decision-makers with the help of a dynamic and interactive custom dashboard. Predict the future trends, create a better strategy, and, at the same time, respond to challenges before they occur.

Multi sectors impact with multiple resources

Any type of business and industry can rely on big data to learn more about the landscape and maximize their potential without limit. You could combine multiple systems and data resources to get a clearer picture and make a brilliant move.

Find out their success stories with NoLimit

NoLimit provides us with all in data solutions. As a data-driven company, we can grow faster & better.

Levi Gorczany Strategist of AirAsia

AirAsia is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. Operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries.

NoLimit+ helps to track your business data and make a decision precisely.

Create your own data dashboard that suits your business needs

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Get insight from complete social analytics and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Connect any social media & channels into one dashboard and interact with consumer efficiently.

NoLimit +

Have a deeper insight with a powerful customized dashboard & report.

Use Cases


Create a data-driven strategy with complete social & competitor analytics.

Small-Medium Business

Engage more audiences and grow your business with social media & content analytics.


Monitor public opinion to make a greater impact with a fully customized dashboard.


Leverage social media data to understand voter considerations