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Make data-driven business decisions with comprehensive big data and digital analytics technologies

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We help industry leaders who see social media as an important part of their overall business strategy to gain many data-driven insight for more powerful strategy

NoLimit provides us with all in data solutions. As a data-driven company, we can grow faster & better.

Tony Fernandes Co Founder of AirAsia

AirAsia is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. Operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries.

NoLimit Dashboard

Empower You to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Beyond social listening and monitoring, NoLimit transforms insights into real business intelligence with a multi-dimensional dashboard. Measure & analyze social data, take insights, and power up to stay ahead of your competitors.

NoLimit Care

Effectively Improve Customer Experience

Make your communication with your customers easier with NoLimit Care. Connect any social media & channels into one dashboard and interact with them efficiently. You can also track your customer journey & give an impressive experience.

NoLimit +

Endless Possibilites with Customized Intelligence Dashboard

We can help give you data power through a customized intelligence dashboard according to your business needs. You can have big data solutions by combining internal & external data. Personalized how to use your data and reported with NoLimit.

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What You Get With NoLimit

The Value of Your Data is The Key to Business Transformation

NoLimit is made to help you to understand your business. By providing in-depth insights, we will help you dive deep into your business metrics and make the right decision.

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NoLimit Dashboard

Get insight from complete social analytics and stay ahead of your competitors.

NoLimit Care

Connect any social media & channels into one dashboard and interact with consumer efficiently.

NoLimit +

Have a deeper insight with a powerful customized dashboard & report.

Use Cases


Create a data-driven strategy with complete social & competitor analytics.

Small-Medium Business

Engage more audiences and grow your business with social media & content analytics.


Monitor public opinion to make a greater impact with a fully customized dashboard.


Leverage social media data to understand voter considerations