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Solve Your Customer
Problems, in an Instant

Save time, take care of your customers and the rest will follow. Communicate with them through any channels, in one dashboard.

Boost Customer Service Efficiency with Ease

Touch every customer through various channels can be time-consuming. NoLimit Care lets you manage every conversation, inquiry, and lead from social media channels (i.e. Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, etc) or web live chat and integrates all interactions into one simple dashboard for a better customer experience.

Seamless customer experience with omnichannel integrated customer service.

Measure and track customer journey with advanced analytics.

Improve team productivity with performance analytics and labeling system.

How it Works

All-in-one customer
interaction platform

Save time & stay updated through an integrated customer service tool. With NoLimit Care, you can manage your customer interactions from any channel or social media in one dashboard.

Track, analyze, and improve your customer experience

Turn every customer touch with your company into valuable information with our features. Make sure to handle your customer quickly by setting up SLA and get notified when time passes. You can also set customer profiles to identify customers fast.

Amplify your team productivity with comfort

Enhance the team’s performance by evaluating each step with your customers. You can measure response time, handling time, or a number of cases and customers to optimize the team’s productivity.

Find out their success stories with NoLimit

NoLimit provides us with all in data solutions. As a data-driven company, we can grow faster & better.

Levi Gorczany

Strategist of AirAsia

AirAsia is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. Operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries.

NoLimit Care helps you to manage & enhance your customer relationships.

Elevate your customer experience efficiently with a single dashboard.

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Get insight from complete social analytics and stay ahead of your competitors.

NoLimit Care

Connect any social media & channels into one dashboard and interact with consumer efficiently.

NoLimit +

Have a deeper insight with a powerful customized dashboard & report.

Use Cases


Create a data-driven strategy with complete social & competitor analytics.

Small-Medium Business

Engage more audiences and grow your business with social media & content analytics.


Monitor public opinion to make a greater impact with a fully customized dashboard.