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AnterAja is a technology-based logistics service provider company

How AnterAja improves the brand's positive image on social media

In addition to its dashboard feature that helps in monitoring sentiment & issues, NoLimit’s support & analyst team is also very supportive in meeting monitoring needs. So that monitoring and sentiment labeling can continue to grow based on learning every month

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The AQUA brand is a bottled drinking water (AMDK) brand which is under the company PT Aqua Golden Mississippi

Optimization of the AQUA campaign using the NoLimit dashboard

Customize reports in real time from NoLimit are very helpful, not rigid, add value so that it helps AQUA more quickly and accurately in planning or implementing campaigns.

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Merdeka Copper Gold and Indonesian Mining Industry

Increasing Company Valuation by Maintaining Reputation in Online Media

Using Reputation Management is crucial for companies with the status of Tbk such as Merdeka Copper Gold to maintain the company’s valuation. This is where NoLimit Indonesia plays a role in helping Merdeka Copper Gold monitor sentiment and issues surrounding the company and industry on social media and online news portals.

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NoLimit Dashboard

Tingkatkan strategi bisnis dan daya saing di industri dengan analisis media sosial.

NoLimit Care

Hubungkan semua channel komunikasi digital dalam satu dashboard secara efisien.


Dapatkan analisis mendalam dengan dashboard yang dirancang khusus untuk Anda.



Buat strategi berbasis data dengan analisis media sosial dan kompetitor dengan lengkap.

Usaha Kecil Menengah

Libatkan lebih banyak audiens dan kembangkan bisnis Anda dengan media sosial & analisis konten.


Pantau opini publik untuk membuat dampak yang lebih besar dengan dashboard yang disesuaikan.

Pemerintah Daerah

Optimalkan media sosial untuk membangun kepercayaan publik dengan menjadi wadah aspirasi


Manfaatkan data social media untuk memahami pemberi suara dan strategi kompetitor.