Media Monitoring According to Experts


Press clipping, media intelligence, brand monitoring, or what is more familiar as media monitoring is becoming popular today. The breadth of media monitoring makes it difficult for many people to interpret it. There are many opinions regarding media monitoring according to experts.

If interpreted in general terms, media monitoring is an activity that actively views, listens, and reads trends in cyberspace. The intended target is an issue that is currently popular, whether it is within an organization, company, brand, industry trend, and other topics.

Media Monitoring Definition According to Experts

Below, there are several expert opinions regarding the definition of media monitoring.

Aqsath Rasyid, CEO NoLimit Indonesia

According to Aqsath Rasyid, the definition of media monitoring is one of the right ways to evaluate digital strategies, by knowing the audience’s response to a brand. This is very effective, because the text, images, and videos that are spread in the mass media, especially on social media can be classified into positive, negative, or neutral things.

William J Comcowich, Founder & CEO CyberAlert 

Media monitoring is a series of processes to read, listen, view, or listen to content from mass media in a sustainable manner. From that process, it will be followed by identification, categorization, and storage.

Only after that, data analysis is carried out according to certain topic categories and keywords. The mass media that can be analyzed are quite broad, ranging from print, electronic, online media, to all conversations on social media.

Agility PR Solutions

One of the global scale companies that are involved in the field of public relations also gave his opinion on what media monitoring is. Simply explained, the definition of media monitoring is an activity to listen to anyone who is talking about your brand in detail and in-depth.

So, it will be known what is being discussed, who is the competitor, and where the content writer works. Apart from that, they also explained how important it is in supervising and monitoring the mass media.

Not only in print media, but also in social media, online media, and broadcast media.

The types of monitoring media according to the experts

When viewed based on the object, monitoring media is divided into 2 types, namely:

Conventional Media Monitoring

An organization/company can use various kinds of mass media, such as print, electronic, and online media as data sources. Later, the data that has been obtained can be used as analysis material to find the desired points.

Non-Conventional Media Monitoring

Making the results of virtual world discussions and conversations on social media that are trending to be used as raw data. Usually, they will identify and categorize it before analyzing the data.

The abundance of online media has led to the emergence of new categories, such as social media monitoring and news monitoring. Thus, the types of monitoring media are further divided into 3 parts, such as:

Media Clipping

An activity to collect, archive, and document all data resulting from online media.

Media Tracking

Tracking various kinds of issues and public opinion on social media with different topics and keywords.

Content Analysis

Activities to interpret and process data that has been obtained into information, demographics, and so on.

In conclusion, media monitoring is an ongoing process of collecting and analyzing data. Until it can be used as a report with a certain topic or keyword.

How, do you understand what media monitoring is? Hopefully, with some explanations regarding media monitoring according to the experts above, you can get to know it more deeply.

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