The Role of Media Monitoring in Branding


Media monitoring is widely used by companies, governments, organizations and brands to maintain their image in the public eye. In simple terms, media monitoring can be said to be an activity of collecting data from various media channels for analysis.

Apart from being a medium to see reputation, media monitoring can also be used to determine the success of branding of a company or organization. This is because with media monitoring we can see how the company responds to the company it owns.

For example, when carrying out a communication campaign, monitoring media can track how successful the campaign is, monitoring media can also see issues related to your organization, view and analyze competitor performance. Media monitoring can make it easier to know and understand the weaknesses and strengths of corporate communication.

There are various features on the NoLimit Dashboard media monitoring, including:

  • Social Media Listening: Monitoring public conversation on social media and online media.
  • Online Media Clipping: News containing monitored keywords can be combined in one file.
  • Content Analyze: Analyze the performance of each uploaded content.

NoLimit Dashboard is a media monitoring tool that has various features to make it easier for you to analyze companies and competitors. With NoLimit Dashboard, it doesn’t take much time to get accurate and relevant analysis results.


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