Boost Your Business Position with Media Monitoring Analysis


Media monitoring analysis is very useful for businesses. With monitoring, you can get various kinds of data that can be measured. The results of the analysis can support business activities.

Media monitoring itself is an activity that focuses on collecting data from various media to be identified and then analyzed. The process can be in the form of watching, listening, reading, and recording media content.

Monitoring media sharing

Several media monitoring methods are usually carried out, namely:

1. Media Clipping

Media clipping is a documented article, news item, and advertisement in the form of text to video

2. Media Tracking

Media tracking is carried out to track the impressions of mass opinion on certain issues in the media.

3. Media Content Analysis

Media content analysis is a method to analyze the contents of a text. This is a differentiating point for the existing agency. This stage of analysis has the aim of understanding the structure of the meaning of the text. But what is the effect of the meaning of the text can be known? Is it any good for business? Of course, there is.

The purpose of media monitoring analysis

The analysis carried out in media monitoring will provide a lot of useful information for the running of the business. Here are some of the benefits.

Understanding the brand sentiment

With media monitoring analysis, You will find out how the public views your brand. It’s not just you, your competitors too. This is very useful for developing the next strategy.

Help in selecting influencers

After analyzing the data from media monitoring, you will know what the reputation of an influencer is like. This is very helpful because choosing influencers that are loved by the audience is important for boosting the business.

Help in an ad campaign

You will find out what the results of the ad campaigns that you run will look like. Maybe an ad that has been running makes the brand a trend. But you need more information to know the success of the ad.

The multiple purposes of media monitoring analysis can help improve business. It can be used to set the strategy for carrying out the company’s activities.

However, what is the subject of this analysis?

Factors to consider

In analyzing the results of media monitoring, there are several things that need to be measured. The factors that are used as assessment materials will affect the results of the analysis. These factors are:

  • Number of clips
    The number of clips shows how many the name of a brand is mentioned in the media.
  • Content and Nature of Quotations.
    It contains what is said in the media, and who is quoting, including the quote itself as well as its source.
  • Demographic
    Demographics refers to the condition of the social and economic characteristics of certain groups. Usually, demographic information includes age, gender, language, occupation, and more.
  • Frequency
    Frequency is a measure of how often an audience receives a potential message.
  • Impact
    The impact can be determined by measuring how prominence is reinforced by the tone or credence of the message.
  • Impression
    Impression is a count of how many times a potential audience saw a message over a certain period.
  • Psychographics
    Describe the audience in terms of personality, lifestyle, attitudes, interests, and so on.
  • PR Value
    PR Value is an industry value to give Public Relations monetary value.
  • Reach
    Reach refers to the number of audiences that will potentially receive the message.
  • Sentiment
    Measures how a person, group, organization, or issue is portrayed in the media. Usually, these portrayals are categorized as positive, negative, and neutral.
    Some of these factors will be considered in assessing the monitoring results. This will be used for further strategies.

Closing statement. 

Conducting media monitoring is very useful at this time, considering that the mass media is growing from time to time. With the information obtained from the monitoring media, it will be easy for you to determine the actions that must be taken. For example, for advertising campaign strategies or choosing influencers.

In addition, you will get early detection if the brand that you manage gets negative sentiments. In this way, precautionary steps can be taken immediately. The question is, can you do your own analysis?

You can, but because the process is so complex, you might need a lot of time. Another option, you can use media monitoring analysis services. Don’t forget to set a budget, okay?

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