How to Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring in Digital Marketing


You need to learn the basics of campaign effectiveness monitoring in digital marketing so that the advertising budget is not wasted. During the pandemic, social media has become an effective advertising platform, because almost everyone is now using social media to get various kinds of information.

No wonder the use of online advertising budgets has also increased since the pandemic. Almost all conventional companies are now carrying out digital transformation by utilizing various platforms to get leads and other prospective consumers in the future.

By understanding campaign effectiveness monitoring, it is hoped that the advertising budget will be more efficient so that the expected results will be greater than the targeted one.

Choose the Right Measurement for Campaign Effectivity Monitoring

Then the question is how to measure the level of effectiveness of a campaign that is run? The first step that needs to be done is to choose the right measurement method. Of course, it needs to be adjusted to the purpose of advertising such as informing, persuading, and reminding the product.

With these goals, it will be easier to calculate and calculate whether the campaigns that are being run are effective and budget efficient.

At least the following measurements can be used;

Brand recognition: Can the audience identify your product among other products?Brand Awareness: Has your product become a superior product in the middle of the audience so that they can easily associate it when they mention the type or category of the product? For example, if someone needs instant noodles or mineral water, what brand would you recommend? That is an example of a brand that has excelled in the eyes of the audience.

Brand Consideration: Is your audience interested in buying your product?

How to Measure Campaign Effectivity Monitoring?

Measuring the effectiveness of online campaigns is easier quantitatively with the numbers that are shown or displayed in performance insights. Almost all online platforms provide performance statistics information in real-time so that the monitoring process becomes easier and faster.

Use Websites to Measure Clicks and Traffic

The process of monitoring campaigns online generally uses the official website or website. From this website, you can get insight into the channel or platform that contributes the most clicks to online sales to the website.

Through this website analytics insight, you can distinguish which platforms contribute the most clicks. Several channels can be searched, such as referrals, social media, paid ads, and email marketing that contributes to clicks to conversions.

Define the Right Keywords and Hashtags

Other monitoring, such as measuring how many conversations have been captured in a certain period or at important moments such as product launching or even an exhibition.

The right measurement method is to use keywords as well as unique hashtags. For the use of keywords adjusted to the keywords most searched by the audience, hashtags must be different from the previous hashtags.

To make the tracking process easier, try to use unique and different hashtags for each campaign so that brand mentions are easier to trace, especially when using media monitoring tools or the best social media listening tools such as the NoLimit Dashboard.

NoLimit can combine various online platforms in the same dashboard. So that the monitoring and reporting process can be carried out on the same page without having to open all the statistical pages for each platform.

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