The Best and Competent Indonesian Media Monitoring Agency


Are you assigned to do media monitoring? Then you need to look for an Indonesian media monitoring agency. This is because they understand the culture and customs of the local people better.

Don’t be confused, there are several recommendations that you can consider.


NoLimit is a media monitoring provider from Bandung. NoLimit has more than 10 years of experience. The company with the tagline “Never ending learning and improvement” focuses on online monitoring media and big data solutions. The monitoring services provided are quite effective, especially for social media and internet sites.

NoLimit provides a Dashboard that focuses on social media monitoring. In addition, there is NoLimit Care which provides a more in-depth analysis of activities on social media.

There is also Online Loyalty, a NoLimit service that will assist clients in publicizing and promoting based on data from social media analysis.


Need media monitoring for articles and news? Rockad’s services seem to be right for you. This media monitoring provider in South Jakarta is ready to help in online marketing. The news sites that are monitored have more than 2000 sites. While the monitoring of print media as many as 400 media.

Monitoring was also carried out on 19 television stations. In fact, the monitoring includes running text on television. The way it works, the client determines the keyword. This will be the basis for monitoring by Rockad. Then, they will send the analysis results via email to the client. However, the monitoring results will also be sent via message if there is a negative tone.

Indonesia Indicator

Because the features offered are quite complete, Indonesia Indicator can be used as an option. Not only focusing on media monitoring, this service also performs data analysis and studies for client decision-making.

The company aims to be at the forefront of media intelligence, data analysis, and strategic studies as decision-making. Clients will be assisted in handling complex issues with data support for decision-making.


IMMC stands for Indonesia Media Monitoring Center. This service focuses on sites and figures that are highlighted in the national news at any given time. This service focuses on online media, but also provides television and print media monitoring.

IMMC News has a unique feature, namely netnography. It is an internet-based method in ethnography. This method is done by monitoring the behavior of consumers directly from their daily lives.

There are many forms of IMMC News monitoring. These can be PDF files, as well as press releases that can be distributed.


This media monitoring service uses a dashboard in presenting monitoring data. The interface is easy to understand by the user. In fact, users can choose what data is displayed on the dashboard.

DigiCampaign is more focused on the media as well as online news sites. However, this service also provides television monitoring as well as print media. You will receive real-time and accurate data. Strategy formulation and decision-making will be faster.


Media monitoring in Indonesia has advantages that make it competitive. The number of options available makes you need to be careful in choosing a service. The monitoring media that you choose should be credible and experienced. 10 years of experience seems sufficient for this.

Apart from that, you need to choose a service that helps you in your analysis to make a decision. The goal, so you don’t make a mistake. Whatever service you choose, using an Indonesian media monitoring agency will be better than foreign services.

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