Basic Monitoring and Evaluation Campaign


Campaign monitoring and evaluation are two different things but both are needed in measuring the performance of a campaign that is run digitally. Monitoring has a role to ensure that the campaign runs effectively and efficiently under the objectives or goals to be achieved.

Monitoring and evaluation are equally important in campaign management. A monitoring campaign is a process to track how the campaign process is run, as well as whether the direction is following the objectives to be achieved.

Meanwhile, campaign evaluation is collecting all monitoring data within a certain period and analyzing or processing which points are most effectively implemented. The effectiveness of a campaign will be measured through campaign targets that are determined from the start, whether to increase awareness or to get lots of leads.

3 Types of Campaign Digital Marketing

There are at least three types of examples of digital marketing campaigns that are run according to their respective goals.

  1. Campaign Acquisition: Campaigns that are run to get customer prospects.
  2. Monetization Campaign: A campaign that is run to generate profits from the lead or customer base that you have.
  3. Campaign engagement: A campaign that is run to form a community or audience that becomes a supporter of a brand.

From the three types of digital marketing campaigns, monitoring and evaluation will be carried out according to their respective objectives. Goals or objectives are one of the benchmarks for the success of a campaign.

Why are campaign monitoring and evaluation important

Actively monitoring campaigns is very important for both brands and agencies. Brands can monitor whether the campaigns run are by the track or not. Meanwhile, for agencies, monitoring the campaign will help reduce costs without having to sacrifice the initial purpose of a campaign being run.

In principle, the lower the advertising costs that are issued with the maximum results becomes one of the parameters of the success or success of a campaign.

How to do campaign monitoring and evaluation

There are several ways to monitor or measure a campaign.

1. Use a survey

Surveys are one of the ways to measure the success of a campaign. The most suitable campaign measured by the survey method is the type of campaign awareness. Does the audience get advertising exposure from the campaign that is run and to what extent the impact is after getting the ad.

2. Check followers’ progress

The easiest monitoring to monitor is the development of the number of followers, whether it is increasing, stagnant, or even decreasing. The indicator of increasing followers is of course because the audience is interested in posts on social media accounts or the influencer figure behind them. It’s no different for brands that have social media accounts.

3. Use Google Trends data

When our campaign is added to the Google Trends list, it means that our campaign has an impact. Google Trends will capture what people are looking for and talking about across all Google platforms, including browsers, Google search, and YouTube.

4. Utilize media monitoring tools to conduct campaign monitoring and evaluation

The easiest step that can provide a more comprehensive picture in monitoring and evaluation campaigns is to use media monitoring tools or social media listening tools. Although the two are different, there are similarities.

5. Maximize Google Analytics

The thing that can be obtained for free is by looking at the traffic that has been successfully brought to the website or conversions from various social media platforms. The higher the traffic, the better the performance of the campaign that is being run.

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