Have a dream to work as a Social Media Listening Analyst? Here’s the Condition!


Nowadays social media has become one of the important components in life, because everything must be closely related to social media. It turns out that the benefits of social media are not only for fun. One of the benefits is the opening of various job opportunities, social media listening analyst is one of them.

What is a Social Media Listening Analyst?

The first thing you need to know is the definition of social media listening analyst. Social media listening analyst is a person who has a task of increasing company engagement by utilizing social media and using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. 

This profession is expected to increase online traffic and brand exposure from social media platforms. Currently, people who carry out this profession have a management education background or are people who understand marketing through social media.

However, anyone can try to enter this profession, as long as that person has speciality  in social media and also mastering the SEO

Social media analyst is a relatively new profession that is still not much in demand, this makes you have greater opportunities here. Don’t ever hesitate to take a new step.

Tasks and Responsibilities

This section is usually closely related to the public relations division or marketing division. This is because a media analyst is responsible for the publication planning process in a company.

Not only taking care of advertising but also being responsible for press releases as well as interactions that arise in the community.

1. Track company performance across various media

This means, when a company releases content or news to the public, a social media analyst must already know what the impact of the move will be. whether the activity affects the market or not. Does it have a positive or even a negative impact? These are all the responsibilities of a media analyst.

2. Market Research

This activity is different from sales of a company, it refers more to observations to find out people’s behavior. Thus, a social media analyst can provide suggestions for the types of publications of interest.

There are several things that a social media analyst needs to pay attention to, some of which are: making website traffic reports, analyzing user engagement, building SEO strategies, identifying customer habits, and many others.

Skills a Social Media Listening Analyst Must Have

To be able to join the world of social media analyst, you need to master some of the skills below:


A social media analyst is required to be able to present neat and good data, this will simplify the process of reporting social media engagement and website traffic to their superiors.


The life of a social media analyst cannot be separated from analyzing activities. Of course this forces you to have a good level of analysis. To improve your analytical skills, you can learn it by always being curious about new things.


You need to have good storytelling skills, this will be useful when you explain events to your boss or co-workers. If you are not used to speaking, of course it will be difficult for you in the communication process.


The development of social media is very rapid, this encourages you to adapt quickly.


The analysis was carried out using the SEO method. For that, you have to master this technique more deeply to make it easier for you to do the work.

If you are interested in social media analysts, we highly recommend that you do more research and keep learning. Get used to reading, because by reading you will find a lot of new knowledge which of course will be very useful in your work.

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