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Keep your team updated what kind of content that the audiences find interesting. Find out which content that has engagement rate above average and improve the below ones

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Measure every single campaign you run, and understand the real analytical report of your KOL. Increase the reach of the campaign and use more proper KOL for a better result

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With Competitor Analysis

Get a full analysis by comparing your brand with the competitors. Understand your current condition. Get a full knowledge from each conversation. Compare your sentiment score to others, and keep manage your reputation better than others

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Industrial Analysis and Competition Benchmarking on Social Media

AirAsia is the top leading airlines in Asia. The competition itself is very high with lots of issues spread on social media. We try to help them by monitoring the digital activities started from content to campaign, to make sure the result is on the same page with the objective. We also analyze every single related-issue in order to improve their reputation, not only in industry and also compared with the competitors

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