What is Brand Awareness and How Is It Measured?


rand awareness is a term for how familiar the public is with the brand that we have. In addition, brand awareness can also be said how far customers know about a brand. Brand awareness has the goal of growing customer trust.

Currently, marketing certainly requires a way to find out the views of a brand in the public eye. There are several ways to measure the progress of your brand in the public eye. That is by looking at several some many metrics, including:


The impression is one of the most important matrices to look at. An impression is a metric to measure how often people see your brand. The bigger the impression of your brand, the bigger the target audience you are aiming to see your brand. By increasing your brand impressions, you can create a brand that is more recognizable and stands out from your competitors.

To see brand impressions, you can use the NoLimit Dashboard. NoLimit Dashboard is a media monitoring tool.

Social Media Engagement

To know social media engagement, you need to engage with your audience. The level of audience engagement can be measured by the number of likes, comments, and shares of your posts. This can inform that the content created has been seen by your audience.

Social media engagement is used to measure the success of campaigns on social media and to create strategies for the future.

How to measure it?

Measure the whole can be seen through media monitoring tools.

Share of voice

Share of voice is a metric that can help businesses understand the percentage of conversations around topics related to your brand. Simply put, the share of voice is a metric that tells you how much people are talking about your company compared to your competitors.


Peaktime is a matrix that makes it easier for you to find out when netizens are talking about your brand. Using the NoLimit Dashboard tool makes it easier for you to get a matrix.


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