What is a Buzzer on Social Media? And how does it work?


Buzzers are people who have a role the voice an opinion so that issues on social media become trending. Buzzers can also be said to be people who use social media to spread information.

Quoting from the gramedia.com page, in a study entitled The Global Disinformation Order 2019 Global Inventory of Organized Social Media Manipulation buzzers are several cyber troops.

In Indonesia, the term buzzer is familiar, not only used for politics, a buzzer is also widely used to help increase awareness of a business or individual.

How Buzzers Work

To increase awareness, the buzzer usually works a lot with the key opinion leader (KOL). This is so that the promotion carried out by KOL is successful or successful. Buzzers will work to increase engagement and posts uploaded by KOLs will become trending on social media.

Apart from increasing engagement, there is also buzz marketing. Buzz marketing is one way to market a product to go viral by word of mouth.

Positive and Negative Effects of Buzzer

Buzzer has a positive influence that is increasing business. This is because the buzzer can be used as a business strategy to increase promotion.

The negative effect of the buzzer is that it can damage someone’s image by tweeting or posting on social media.

How do you feel about NoLimit’s friends regarding the buzzer? Is it more positive or negative impact? Give your opinion in the comments column, OK!


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