Data: Indonesia Internet Users Up to 78.19% in this Month


The Internet or Interconnected-Networking is no stranger to the current era, how could it not be? Currently the internet is one of the things that are important in fast-paced and efficient activities.

The internet can penetrate various kinds of boundaries that were once unimaginable, as the development of internet technology is now increasingly side by side with everyday life.

This attachment is what makes internet users increase every year, the use of the internet can facilitate data collection or what is often referred to as big data, which is the main capital that business actors can use for market intervention.

How big is the development of Internet users in Indonesia?

According to data from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association or APJII, the period 2022-2023, internet users in Indonesia reached 215.64 million.

This number of course increased when compared to the previous period which only reached 210.03 million users. Of course, internet users in Indonesia reach 78.19% when compared to the current population of Indonesia of 275.77 million.

Highest Internet User Province in Indonesia?

Indonesia itself has 38 provinces that stretch from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam to West Papua. So you can imagine that the territory of Indonesia is very wide and the people are very different.

Still using data from APJII, the highest or average internet users above 80% are in Banten with a presentation of around 89.10% and followed by DKI Jakarta 86.96%, West Java 82%, Bangka Belitung Islands 82.66%, East Java 81.26%, Bali 80.88%, Jambi 80.48% and Sumatra BArat 80.31%.

Utilize Data Opportunities by Switching to Digital Platform!

As stated in the previous point, the current data shows that internet users are soaring high in several regions, this can be utilized by entrepreneurs or business owners in increasing their brand awareness on the internet, how can the internet not penetrate the boundaries of distance and territory.

By obtaining this data you can start designing your marketing strategy on social media. Optimizing your activities on the internet will certainly affect the improvement of your business.

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