Definition, How to Measure, and the Importance of Engagement Rate


Engagement rate is a matrix used to measure the performance of content on social media. Engagement rate can be used for the world of digital marketing, engagement rate is usually used as an indicator to measure the interaction you get from your audience on social media platforms.

Not only that, the engagement rate can also be used as a tool for conducting research by understanding the audience’s desires, which can be obtained from the number of interactions on the content.

How to Measure Engagement Rate

There are several ways to calculate the engagement rate

Engagement rate is based on reach, how to calculate it by: ER = total engagement per post / reach x 100

Engagement rate based on posts, this can be done in the following way: ER=total engagements on a post / total followers x 100.

Engagement rate based on impressions, is done by the formula: ER=total engagements on a post / total impressions x 100


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