Benefits of Media Analysis


Media analysis has many benefits for your company regarding what people think, when, and who is talking about it. Not only that, media analysis also has other benefits, namely being able to see the company’s reputation.

4 benefits of media analysis

  • Measuring the effectiveness of communication

Media analysis can provide benefits to find out how effective communication is. This can be seen from the response received, the content viewed, and the success of the campaign created.

  • Knows the problem

By doing media analyze you can analyze your company’s competitors, competitor analysis can be done by looking at public perceptions or views of competitor brands and comparing the results of the analys with the brands we have.

  • Alert System

NoLimit Dashboard has a system alert feature that helps you to know a potential crisis earlier. Our dashboard will automatically send notifications when the number of conversations exceeds the average daily conversation.

  • Real time solution

When you create a campaign, media analytics can help you capture the conversation in real time. You can see comments and responses from the public regarding the campaign that you have created. This can be used for evaluation as well as optimizing time.


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