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Advanced big data technology with capability to pull millions data per day through various channels

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86% accuracy our AI sentiment analysis with highest familiarity to current language phenomenon

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Customer service has changed into digital, so you must adapt too, and we'll help to get throught this

Our Solutions


Online Management

Integrate various social customer service channels into one single tab to have better understanding between company and customers


Online Intelligence

Understand all online media data and get insightful information around your brand, campaign, market, competitors or even in industry level


Intelligent Dashboard

Utilize a combination of multi data sources analytics through our custom dashboard and produce more accurate insight for your business

See How NoLimit Help Our Clients

Brand, Campaign & Competitor Monitoring

AirAsia is the top leading airlines in Asia. Since the issue in industry is quite heavy, we try to help them by monitoring the industry and also the competition in order to improve the brand to be more powerful than others

Reputation Management & Issue Tracking

Ministry Tourism and Creative Economy is one of the ministries that is affected by the presence of Covid in 2020. Through many issues and opinions circulating on social media, we help them to make sure publications made are relevant to the issues that are currently circulating.

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