Chronicles of Local Crypto on Social Media


It seems that the trend of cryptocurrencies in Indonesia is not going to recede yet. In recent times, netizens have been enlivened by various things related to crypto, starting with the sale of one of Ghozali’s NFTs for 11 ETH (equivalent to 47 billion) to the launch of local tokens such as ASIX owned by Anang Hermansyah to I-COIN owned by Wirda Mansur, daughter from the famous ustadz Yusuf Mansur.

However, it seems that Anang and Wirda’s luck in the metaverse is not as good as Ghozali’s. Recently, netizens have questioned the performance of this local token because it is not based on good infrastructure.

Crypto Talks on Social Media

Departing from this local crypto-related news, NoLimit Indonesia uses the NoLimit Dashboard to observe several keywords such as kripto, crypto, asix, icoin, and i-coin on Twitter social media with an observation period from 1st to 22nd of February 2022.

(The movement of the conversation on social media from February 1 to 22, 2022)

During the monitoring period, it was found that there were 70,651 conversations using these keywords involving 39,059 speakers. As can be seen from the graph above, the peak of the conversation occurred on February 11, 2022, with 14,233 conversations involving 10,473 speakers.

ASIX is not that Asyik

*read: Fun

Based on the findings on the NoLimit Dashboard, on February 11 the issue that was being discussed was the ASIX token made by Anang Hermansyah. Warganet discusses his opinion regarding the possibility that the buyers of this token are fans of the artist’s family who are actually not very familiar with cryptocurrencies.

One of the tweets from the auto base above shows the story of a buyer (possibly still unfamiliar with crypto and asked on the Telegram platform, ed.) who suffered losses after buying ASIX tokens.

One of the netizens with the username @riankrisna also gave his opinion about this token.

The tweet received a response from another netizen with the username @glrhn who agreed with the opinion above.

Not only ASIX tokens but on social media, there are also many netizens questioning the credibility of Wilda who once claimed to be Gaptek

Previously, Wirda had announced that she would also launch I-COIN.

Viral crypto tweet

In addition to the tweet from @riankrisna above, here are other tweets related to crypto keywords.

Top influencers

Here are some of the top influencers’ tweets about crypto.

Top Media

Here are some tweets from top crypto-related media.

Well, NoLimit has summarized some of the issues related to local crypto tokens that are monitored on social media. How about NoLimit’s friend, are you interested in investing in local tokens? Or maybe you have the intention of developing your own crypto token? Share your opinion below!

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