Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy explains how NoLimit collects, stores, uses and protects your personal information that we collect through our applications. Users are strongly expected to read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure you understand how we apply these terms.

Information Collected

  • We collect certain Personal Information from you so that the Applications we provide can be used properly. This Personal Information can be provided to us when you register as a user of the NoLimit application. The information collected is in the form of Name and E-Mail Address.


  • When you use the NoLimit application or visit the NoLimit site, the application and website administrators will collect information regarding the pages you visit, the browser you use, the web pages / applications you have visited and visited afterward, as well as the duration when you use or open the application and NoLimit website. This information is used by website and application administrators to improve access capabilities and solve technical problems, in order to provide even better service to users.


  • Cookies on the browser will track your internet usage to remember what pages you have visited. Most browsers support Cookies; however, you also have the authority to set the browser used, to refuse certain types of cookies.

Social Media Content Collection and Usage Policy

To provide our customers with the services, we collect social media content from different publicly-available sources. We obtain social media content using proprietary parsing algorithms, via public APIs, or through the agreements with the Web site operators. Collecting social media content via our web parsing algorithms, we follow the applicable Web sites’ robots.txt protocols. We do not circumvent technical controls in place to prevent unauthorised access, such as access to usernames and passwords or use of CAPTCHA technology. Our customers are responsible for their use of Social Media Content. We require our customers to use social media content in accordance with our end user licensing Agreement, the terms of service of the applicable Web site from which the Social Media Content is obtained or derived, and applicable Law.

Use of Collected Information

  • NoLimit uses your personal information to verify your account which will be useful when using the application from NoLimit. Your personal information will also be used as a medium when we will notify you with important information related to updating the NoLimit application.


  • NoLimit uses your E-Mail address to become our mailing list. However, you have full authority to stop and no longer receive such information and updates.


Confidentiality of your data and personal information is very important to us. We will make full efforts to continue to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information that has been provided to us. What you can do is never reveal your account password to anyone.

Privacy Policy Changes

NoLimit can change this Privacy Policy at any time when needed. We will notify all types of changes that we make to this Privacy Policy to all our application users and also some of the E-Mail nature that has been registered in our Mailing List.

Ways To Contact Us

If you have further questions about the privacy and security of your information and want to update or delete your data, please contact us at: [email protected] or call +62 22-82602415.

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