NoLimit Dashboard
Makes your CONTENT more efficient
Makes your CAMPAIGN more impactfull
Gives you an analysis of your COMPETITOR
Checks your brand SENTIMENT
Listens to your AUDIENCE
NoLimit Dashboard


NoLimit Dashboard is an analytic web-based application that can help you to track and analyze Social Media performance. Our machine can crawl all of your Social Media data and visualize all of them into several metrics, with deep analysis in each metric. Followed by the other features, NoLimit Dashboard can be your best partner in Social Media Monitoring and Analytics.

Reputation Management

NoLimit Dashboard will help you monitoring and analyzing your reputation by giving sentiment analysis, whether it is positive, negative or neutral.

Competitors Analysis

Analyze your competitor with our features: Add Object and Comparison. NoLimit will help you finding your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

Routine Reports and Analytics

NoLimit Dashboard will give you routine reports, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, with many format options, based on your needs.

Object Monitoring


NoLimit Dashboard gives you three options of object to be monitored, which are account, hashtag and keyword taken from online and social media.

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Flexible Template Image


NoLimit Dashboard is very flexible. You can choose various template based on your needs, or even you can create your own template.

- Digital Assessment
- Campaign Optimation
- Community Profiling
- Reputation Management
- Buzzer Assessment
- Customer Service
- Issue Tracking
- Custom Template

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NoLimit Dashboard visualizes the result of object analysis into two types of metrics, which are Basic Metric and Advanced Metric.

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  • Post-made

    Post Made metric shows number of post that you've created. Our Dashboard provides several Post Made metrics, such as Facebook Post Made, Twitter Tweets Post Made, Instagram Post Made, Top Post Made, Total Post Made by Media, Post Made by Media, Average Post Made, Post Made Growth

  • Virality

    Make sure your brand is viral enough, retweeted, and shared by Online Media users. Our Dashboard provides several Viarility metrics, such as Total Virality by Media, Average Virality, Virality Growth, and Total Virality.

  • Talk

    Find out how many times your brand talked and discussed by Online Media Users. Our Dashboard provides several Talk Metrics, such as Twitter Talk, Twitter Talker, Top Talk, Total Talk by Media, Average Talk, and Talk Growth.

  • Applause

    Check your content, whether it is liked or not. Our Dashboard provides several Applause Metric, such as Total Applause by Media, Average Applause, and Applause Growth.

  • Engaged User

    These metrics show you Online Media Users talking and discussing about your brand. Our Dashboard provides several Engaged User Metrics, such as Total Engaged User, Engaged User by Media, Top Engaged User, Engaged User Growth, Average Engaged User, Lifetime Engaged User, New Engaged User, Lifetime Engaged User by Media, New Engaged User by Media, and New Engaged User Growth.

  • Audience

    This metric shows your Followers (Twitter and Instagram, Fans (Facebook), and Subscribers (Youtube). Our Dashboard provides several Audience Metrics, such as Audience by Media, Audience Growth, Average Audience, Last Audience, New Audience, Average Audience Acquisition Cost, and Total Audience.

  • RSS and Forum

    Besides Online Media, NoLimit Dashboard also gives you RSS and Forum metrics, such as News Article, News Media, Forum Thread, Forum Comment, Forum Commenter, etc.


  • WordCloud

    Displaying several WordCloud metrics, such as Talk WordCloud from all online media, and Bio WordCloud taken from bio-description of your engaged users.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Is your brand well-accepted by netizen? Sentiment analysis will help you to find out their response, whether it is positive, neutral or negative. Our Dashboard provides several Sentiment Metrics, such as Total Talk by Sentiment, Talk by Sentiment, Category by Sentiment, Sentiment by Media and Media by sentiment.

  • Category

    Do you need more specific data? You can customize our metrics based on Category you need. Our Dashboard provides several Category Metrics, such as Total Talk by Category, and Talk by Category.

  • Age, Location, Gender and Interest

    We also provide more detail Metrics in Engaged User and Audience by Age, Location, Gender and Interest.

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Maximize your social media monitoring and analytics with our pro features:

comparison icon

Analyze your brand positioning by comparing your performance to competitors.

report icon

Live Report
Create your own report by using Live Report feature on NoLimit Dashboard.

second layer icon

Second Layer Sentiment Analysis
Optimize sentiment analysis feature with direct validation with team analyst in NoLimit.

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  • Account (Max. 5000 followers/fans)
  • Hashtag
  • Keyword
  • Basic Metric
  • Advance Metric
  • Pro Features


IDR 150K / Object
IDR 99K / Object
  • Account
  • Hashtag
  • Keyword
  • Basic Metric
  • Advance Metric
  • Pro Features


IDR 300K / Object
IDR 249K / Object
  • Account
  • Hashtag
  • Keyword
  • Basic Metric
  • Advance Metric
  • Pro Features


IDR 600K / Object
IDR 499K / Object
  • Account
  • Hashtag
  • Keyword
  • Basic Metric
  • Advance Metric
  • Pro Features