NoLimit is a technology company focusing on Online Media Monitoring and Big Data Solution, to be utilized by clients for a better customer relationship and understanding. NoLimit has been established for 7 years and still counting, with several products streamlined with our mission as Online Media Technology Partner.

Since the very first time NoLimit was built, this company used "Never Ending Learning and Improvement” as a tagline. We try to accomplish our tagline to every member of NoLimit that there is no end to keep learning, and by that, every member of NoLimit will keep improving through the time. As your Online Media Technology Partner, we also keep our products improved and developed by adapting what customers need, not only to improve our capability on Online Media Monitoring, but also to improve our customers through our services.


We understand Indonesian better

Digesting conversation from social media in Bahasa is not an easy task. In addition to the volume of the streams, the variety of language used by Indonesians - from the formal one to the Alay‚ slangs one, is also a challenge. Our sentiment analysis is based on Natural Language Processing with 86% level of accuracy for Bahasa Indonesia based on a proven research.

Expert in Online Media and Big Data Solution

We focus on Social Media Monitoring for 7 years and still counting. We keep updating our product with the development of Online Media and Digital Marketing. With our three products: NoLimit Dashboard, NoLimit Care, and Online Loyalty, we will keep trying to offer the best service of your Online Media Monitoring needs.

We Pull All Streams from All Platforms

Do not worry about data loss because our engine has capability to pull all streams about your brand that are scattered around social media with velocity of million streams per second. We can capture all of your Online activities to maximize your Online Media Monitoring.


Aqsath Rasyid N

Chief Executive Officer

Harimurti Prasetio

Chief Technology Officer