Online Loyalty


Online Loyalty is an Engagement Platform called Socialmeter, which can be utilized to support your Social Media Marketing. The purpose is to give the best beneficial impact to both customers and the netizen. Our customization method lets the user to boost every campaign, product and company in a fun way yet still effective for business purposes.

Object Monitoring


The main concept of Online Loyalty is to make both Netizen and Company happy and still get benefits from Social Media. Netizen can find out how sociable they are with badges and points on their Social Media accounts. Compare and beat your badges and points to the other netizen by being more active on Social Media. Meanwhile, company can use this chance by offering some points and prizes with challenge related to your campaign. Company can get their campaign boosted, while netizen can get more badges, points and prizes from the company.


Using Online Loyalty service doesn't mean you only can use Socialmeter, but we also offer full service package. It means, we can help you to create your project more interactive to netizen, such as Website version, interactive application or even mobile game optimization. You can discuss everything how you will visualize your projects or campaign.


One of Online Loyalty goals is to help your post to be viral. The best thing of being viral is that your campaign will be seen by your target audience, even your potential customers. Fun and challenging ways of Online Loyalty can boost your Social Media followers and activities, which means your campaign, post and product will be discussed more and popular on Social Media. The more you offer points to netizen, the more viral your campaign will be.


Online Loyalty platform can visualize certain Social Media findings and phenomenon as an application, which is served as an education about the findings or phenomenon. Another knowledge from the findings can trigger to ignite people's participation, thus making the findings or phenomenon more viral. You can customize and visualize the findings and social media activities into the application, to attract netizen participating more on your campaign.