There's a Better Way
to Understand Your Data

Our platform can help you find the value of your data to create better plan and decision
Work based on data-driven insight and strategy to improve your business

One Stop Solution for Your Online Media Technology Needs

Discover trends, insight and actionable analytical-information for your business

Create Better Content and Campaign

Get an understandable and insightful information today and plan for better tomorrow

Actionable Competitor and Industry Insight

Advanced big data technology with capability to pull millions data per day through various channels

More Accurate Brand Perception

86% accuracy our AI sentiment analysis with highest familiarity to current language phenomenon

Respond Your Customer Effectively

Customer service has changed into digital, so you must adapt too, and we'll help to get throught this

Find Out Your Best Content at Ease

With Content Analysis

Boosting your social engagement by understanding what your audience love. Create a better content pillar by tracking what you have done, learning from it and improving what you do next

Improve Campaign Performances

With Hashtag Monitoring

Campaign is all about reaching your target audiences correctly. Get a full knowledge the performance of your campaign, learn how it works and create a better campaign in the future

Listen to What People Say about You

With Social Listening Intelligence

Find out the most valuable insight behind your brand, such as good comment even the negative ones. Knowledge what your audience like and needs, and give the offer for better perception on the market

Uncover Relevant Issue in Your Industry

With Industrial Analysis

Keep your team update with what is happening on your industry. Knowledge every single issue related to you, and prepare the best plan to boost your presence by responding to it

Get A Full Insight from Your Competitors

With Competitors Benchmarking

Accelerate your market by understanding current condition compared to the competitors. Find out every single insight from them and learn what you can do to surpass the competition

Case Studies

Competitor & Issue Monitoring

AirAsia is the top leading airlines in Asia. Since the issue in industry is quite heavy, we try to help them by monitoring the industry and also the competition in order to improve the brand to be more powerful than others


Industrial Monitoring & Analytics

XL is one of the leading company in telco industry. Through the high competition in the industry, we keep them updated with the competition insight, including the competitors analysis

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  • If after you attempted to resolve issues with Support staff and feel the product(s) you purchased does/do not the best fit your requirements, please let us know your problems.

Our policy offers a full refund within 30 days of your date of purchase.

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