Never Ending Learning and Improvement

NoLimit is a technology company focusing on Online Media Monitoring and Big Data Solution, to be utilized by clients for a better customer relationship and understanding

10 Years + Experienced in Data Analytics and Big Data Solution

NoLimit used “Never Ending Learning and Improvement” as a tagline. We try to accomplish our tagline to every member of NoLimit that there is no end to keep learning, and also keep our products improved and developed by adapting what customers need, not only to improve our capability on Online Media Monitoring, but also to improve our customers through our services.

We Understand Indonesia Language Better

Our sentiment analysis is based on Natural Language Processing with 86% level of accuracy for Bahasa Indonesia based on a proven research. 

Established with NoLimit Dashboard (Online Media Monitoring & Analytics) as the main product

Producing SocialMeter and NoLimit IndSight that focus on social media analytics discussing every happening issue in Indonesia. Currently we convert it into Monthly report which is free to subscribe. More information click here

Producing NoLimit Care as a part of Online Management services focusing on social customer service through various digital channels

Starting to produce a full customize dashboard for clients by combining not only media data, but also any other data such as sales, CRM, HR, GDP, and many others

Meet Our Experts

Aqsath Rasyid Naradipha
(Chief Executive Officer)

Harimurti Prasetio
(Chief Technology Officer)